Google 360 Street View Trusted Tour

Google Business View is the next stage on from Google Street View.  You can now invite your customers into your premises from the comfort of their own home and allow them to look around using the latest Hi-Res 360o panoramic digital imagery captured by our Google Trusted Photographers.

As Google continues to promote this product, more and more people are taking full advantage of the benefits this gives to your business. Not only does it let clients see inside your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it also gives you a generic search engine boost with Google Search Engines.

Our professional Google Trusted photographers will enter your premises and take a series of carefully positioned panoramic images to produce your tour and then upload it to the internet.  This will then be assigned to your Google + Business profile page.  The immediate benefit of this is it will be seen on your Google Search results. It can then be embedded onto your website, Facebook page and Google + Business profile page.  All of this enables your customers to view your business premises 365 days a year.

You will also be given high resolution photographs free of charge for use as you please.

A significant amount of research has been carried out by Google and independent companies to provide information as to the benefits of the Google 360 Tour and some are noted below: –

1.The world of shopping, eating out and travelling is changing.

More and more people are now looking at where they want to shop, eat and holiday long before they actually participate in the event. Couple that with the visual results on a search engine and you have an immediate and noticeable visibility online for your customers to identify you and your brand.

2. Give your customers a unique, inside view of your business and be remembered.

By showcasing your company with a Google Tour you are more likely to engage with a new customer than a passing visitor to your website. The Google + Business View Street View Trusted tour is ideal for businesses that have passing trade such as shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, health spas, gymnasiums and hair & beauty salons as they can see inside your premises and go as far as to choose where they want to sit when the visit for a meal!!

3.Search Ranking Boost

By having a Street View Trusted Tour assigned to your Google + page, you are automatically boosted on your organic search results.